My 2013 Bucket List, what’s on yours?

My 2013 Bucket List

First of all i would like send my gratitude to all people and things that have contributed and been part of my living, without them, I am nothing!

I am also very grateful the fact that i am able to live my own life, no matter what, and believe and dare to create my beautiful life i want to live!

I am really grateful to all things that have brought me to ‘where I am now’ no regret only the feeling of blessed, joy and alive!

Excitement of new 2013 leads me to write my 2013 Bucket List, and looking forward to enjoying every step of its moments! What’s on yours? Would love to hearing yours too, so please feel free to share :)

  1. Being aligned with my self more and more, live my daily life positively no matter what!
  2. Be a pianist! 2013 is time for me to play piano and practice vocal.
  3. Be a Diver!
  4. Be a dancer; dancing class, dancing more, and more and let’s rock the dance floor!!
  5. Saving money and ready to rock Asia trip for three months started in April 2014.
  6. Earning $100 to $200 per day from google!
  7. Repair my parents home as present for them :)
  8. Be a writer! Taking writing short course, practice writing and ready to be  writer while I am traveling! Write more and more.
  9. Give more.
  10. Be a Yogist!
  11. To be added more, if I have any….

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