My 2013 Traveling List

dn2013travelTo visit in 2013, finding time for myself (travel time) within 15 months working assignment from January 2013 to March 2014! Then ready to rock Asia from April 2014!

  1. January and February to get back in track in Jakarta: including piano and dancing class.
  2. March : First weekend of March 2013 : Lombok Trip.
  3. March : March 28th to 31st : Jogja and Dieng Trip.
  4. April : Second weekend of April 2013 : Karimun Island Trip.
  5. May : First Weekend of May : Toba Lake Trip.
  6. June : First two weeks in June 2013 : Sulawesi Trip.
  7. July : First Weekend of July 2013 : Thousand Island Trip.
  8. August : 7 to 12 August Aceh and Bukit Lawang Trip.
  9. October : sometime in October 2013 KL
  10. September to December in Jakarta and see If i want more list to visit!
  11. To be added more (if there is any….)

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